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ePropulsion E175 Battery (8960Wh – 48V)

ePropulsion E175 Battery

This ePropulsion battery is suitable for 48V electric outboard motors and are designed for maximum efficiency, performance and safety. The Affordable Lithium Battery Solution!

Using 3rd-party batteries does not allow for the use of our communication cable which brings data accuracy to the gauge and ensures useful operating strategy for safety and performance. As a battery charger we recommend the battery charger from ePropulsion.

Why choose the ePropulsion E175 Battery:

Download: Full specifications brochure


8960 Wh

Max. Continuous Discharging Current

150 A

Rated Voltage

51.2 V

Final Charging Voltage

57.6 V

Cut-off Voltage

41.6 V

Battery Life

3000 Cycles at 80% DOD

Series Connection

Not allowed

Parallel connection

Up to 16

Charging Time

110V: 9 Hrs (charger *1) / 4.5 Hrs (chargers *2 in parallel)
220V: 6 Hrs (charger *1) / 3 Hrs (chargers *2 in parallel)


87 kg / 191.8 lbs


50 × 56.5 × 27.7 cm / 19.7 × 22.2 × 10.9 inches

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