Hull Anodes Water Drop

HayNav supplies aluminium and zinc anodes with highest material specifications for boats, yachts and ships, to protect the vessels against corrosion.

Steel parts galvanized to cover corrosion. Have been made durable.

Download: Alloy Specifications

ZnWD 500mm1255050250,51,1
AlWD 500Ainch4,92’’1,97”1,97”0,98”0,190,42
ZnWD 1000mm14070603512,2
AlWD 1000Ainch5,51’’2,75’’2,36’’1,38’’0,380,83
ZnWD 2000mm1408084452,24,84
AlWD 2000Ainch5,51’’3,15’’3,31’’1,77’’0,851,86

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