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About HayNav

The Coronavirus COVID-19 also has consequences for our organization, since our main priority is the health of our employees and customers. We keep a close eye on the developments of the Coronavirus and follow the guidelines of the RIVM. At HayNav we take every possible precaution to prevent further spread of the virus.

Professional advice, experience and knowledge

HayNav B.V. is a manufacturer of marine diesel engines and generators that believes in the finest quality of products. With an extensive, strong and reliable partnership, we like to make you satisfied about what we serve. A wide variety of innovating marine diesel engines, generators and accessories are represented by us.

As our cooperation is based on a reliable partnership, you can always rely on HayNav, be certain of the quality we offer, and the knowledge that we like to share with you. We are very passionate about our work and enjoy working with an innovative technique, in a specific way. Therefore, we prefer to represent our products in the exact splendid way as they are. In addition, our company has the advantage of being promoted to the modernity.

HayNav B.V. cooperates with professional manufacturers, maritime companies, shipyards, installation companies, and delivers complete engines according to the customers’ wishes.

Our professionals can be contacted easily through our website.

We will make sure that you’ll be helped at its finest.

About HayNav office

Why choose HayNav?

An extensive delivery program

A solution for every occasion

Technical expertise and knowledge

Wide variety of great quality products

Focus and align to your needs

Trusted Brands

Our warehouse stock consists hundreds of engines, engine parts, bow thrusters and more …


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