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ePropulsion Navy 3.0 (Short Shaft – Tiller)

The ePropulsion Navy 3.0 (Short Shaft – Tiller) is a 3-kW electric brushless engine of 6 HP and is the solution for durable and comfortable sailing. The navy series are the backbone of the ePropulsion electric outboard motors as it provides efficient and clean power for aluminium fishing boats, dinghies, day sailboats and cruise sailboats. Additionally, the efficient design of the engine is very suitable for pleasure boats, fishing or other activities. The direct-drive technology causes the Navy electric outboard motor to be quiet, maintenance-free, and reliable.

About ePropulsion Navy 3.0

The integrated display shows you all the necessary information. The ePropulsion Navy 3.0 can be operated with a mono cable or a tiller-arm control. It can also be supplied without a battery. In that case, you have the freedom to assemble a 48-volt battery pack yourself.

Features of ePropulsion outboard motors:

  • Eco-friendly sailing
  • Exceptional quiet
  • High efficiency
  • Innovative
  • User friendly

Download: Navy 3.0 Manual | Technical Drawing


3 kW (6HP equivalent)

Input voltage

39V – 60V

Motor Weight

24.3 kg / 53.6 lbs (with the short shaft version)


10.2″ × 6.7″ 2-blade composite propeller

Trim / Tilt Angle

0°, 5°, 10°, 15° / 60°

Shaft Length

Short, Long


Evo Tiller / Evo Top Mount Control / Evo Side Mount Control / Evo Dual Remote Control




Brushless DC motor

Direct Drive




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