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ePropulsion Spirit Battery Plus

The most lasting ever 1KW Lithium-ion battery of SPIRIT 1.0 delivers the most charming performance of its kind. At full speed, one battery works for up to 1 hour; but for leisure cruise, it usually lasts 3 to 5 hours. Thanks to its detachable design, alternate batteries can be brought on board to extend your sailing time. If it falls into the water on accident, not a problem, the battery will keep floating.

The battery locates on top of the outboard to save valuable space for the boat. To replace a backup ePropulsion SPIRIT Battery Plus on board with 2 simple steps, you just need to place the battery-on-battery base. Then, plug a power cable into the power socket on the battery. Unsinkable 1276-watt battery suitable for the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus.


1276 W

Type of battery

Lithium / Polymer

Rated Voltage

45.6 V

Rated current

25 A

Max. discharging current

40 A

Battery life

800 cycles at 80% DOD

Charging time:

8,5 hours (standard charger)

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