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PRM 500 Gearbox

Full hydraulic operation, lightweight, compact & rugged.

The PRM 500 gearbox is purposely built for use in both pleasure craft and commercial boats; its twin countershaft design provides separate oil-operated multi-disc clutches (which need no adjustment) for ahead and astern drive allowing full rated power to be transmitted continuously in either direction.

Download: Installation Drawing | User Manual

Nominal Power Ratings, PRM 500 Gearbox

Model Ahead Ratio Pleasure Light Commercial Heavy Commercial
500D1.5 1.459:1 4.76 6.38 4.62 6.19 4.40 5.90
500D2 1.935:1
500D2.5 2.565:1 4.62 6.19 4.40 5.90 4.40 5.90
500D3 2.904:1

Maximum operating speeds: 4500 rev/min intermittent, 4000 rev/min continuous


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